MEDPLAN’s experts are highly valued by clients for their expertise and insights, with an understanding of certain limitations on information sharing. We have invested ourselves significantly in developing a compliance policy both in technology and scope. This policy, along with our compliance protocols, assists experts in handling conflicts and aligns with our clients’ internal protocols, distinguishing us competitively. Regarding our Experts must annually agree to our terms and conditions to consult with MEDPLAN. They must confirm their eligibility, decline projects conflicting with their agreements or third-party obligations, refrain from sharing confidential information, maintain client confidentiality, and terminate projects if they venture into prohibited subjects (with compensation for reserved time). Experts must complete our yearly interactive, sector-specific tutorial in one of 20 languages. It educates on “confidential information” and reminds them of the risks of disclosing such information, potentially invalidating our investment clients’ extensive research or freezing their positions.
We proactively identify and manage expert conflicts, disqualifying them from unsuitable projects. Our professionals guide experts through potential conflicts and clarify expectations for MEDPLAN´s project participation, ensuring they terminate any project posing a compliance issue, with compensation for their time. MEDPLAN‘s compliance mechanisms ensure the safety of our clients by minimizing the chances of accidentally obtaining or requesting confidential information from our experts, as well as managing the information shared with these experts. For employers, MEDPLAN‘s compliance framework respects any limitations an employer might impose on their employees’ roles as experts. This includes a ban on participating in projects that involve their employer. Furthermore, employed experts (except those exempt due to their status) must secure written permission from their employers for written, comprehensive, or ongoing projects.