CT Brilliance Service Training for Philips system


Training Provider Medplan Independent Training

Modality Magnetic Resonance Imaging
OEM Equipment Philips

Course Length 8 Days
Delivery Method Class/Lab
Location Italy
Date 25.03.2024

Attendees: Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians, Technical Manager


In this 8-day, instructor-led course, the engineer will learn how to service the Brilliance/Ingenuity CT Scanner. The engineer will be provided the knowledge and skills to install, calibrate and repair the systems to the designated Field Replaceable Units (FRU) and will learn version 4.X iPatient operation, installation, configuration and calibration . All required materials and detailed instructions are provided by your instructor.

Upon successful completion, the engineer will be able to:
-Access/identify key system components
-Perform key system operations
-Describe/perform system procedures/ processes
-Perform system and software related operations
-Perform Preventive Maintenace and Corrective Maintenance including tube replacement