MRI Optima 450W Service Training for GE system


Training Provider Medplan Independent Training

Modality Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Equipment GE HealthCare

Course Length 5 Days
Delivery Method Class/Lab
Location Poland
Date 4.03.2024

Attendees: Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians, Technical Manager


MRI technical training for GE Optima 450W 1.5T equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform service tasks on GE Optima 450W 1.5T MRI system. The 5-day training provides an understanding of GE Optima 450W 1.5T MRI system, including safety procedures, principles of MRI, performing preventive maintenance (PM), as well as corrective maintenance and troubleshooting. The online training modules cover the fundamentals of MRI, introductory physics, and safety. Hands-on lab activities offer students the opportunity to practice, apply, and demonstrate their knowledge and service skills across GE MRI platforms.

Upon completion of the course, service professionals will be able to:
– Operate GE Optima 450W 1.5T MRI system
– Perform calibrations on GE Optima 450W 1.5T MRI system
– Conduct planned maintenance
– Troubleshoot and perform corrective maintenance related to various components and issues, including patient handling sub-systems, host computers and software, communication paths, HDXT Cabinets, universal power monitoring (UPM), TPS reset failures, RF transmit and receive problems, gradients, coils, image quality, and issues typically encountered during PM
– Troubleshoot and perform corrective maintenance related to the Heat Exchanger Coolant cabinet (HEC)
– Engage in effective technical conversations with support teams

Required Prerequisites:
– Principles of MRI Safety