Principles of Servicing Multivendor CT Systems


Training Provider Medplan Independent Training

Modality Computed Tomography
OEM Equipment MVS

Course Length 10 Days
Delivery Method Class/Lab
Location Italy
Date 25.03.2024

Attendees: Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians, Technical Manager


Principles of Servicing Computed Tomography Systems is designed for the service professional transitioning in CT service. This multivendor CT course teaches the skills necessary to understand the CT system, become self-confident in working on the gantry, patient transport, detector assembly, DAS, SRU, X-ray control systems, and operator workstation sub-systems. Special attention will be given to x-ray tube changes. Hands-on lab time is emphasized and makes up approximately 80% of the overall course content.

The program is divided into seven major areas:
-Basic CT principles
-Safety procedures
-System operation
-Verification of system specifications
-System calibration
-Software maintenance,
-Troubleshooting to major subsystems