Principles of Servicing Multivendor MRI Systems


Training Provider Medplan Independent Training

Modality Magnetic Resonance Imaging
OEM Equipment MVS

Course Length 10 Days
Delivery Method Class/Lab
Location Poland
Date 22.01.2024

Attendees: Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians, Technical Manager


The Principles of Servicing MRI course is a skills development course designed to introduce multivendor MRI service to engineers with little to no MRI experience. The course will equip engineers with the knowledge of the theory, safety principles and technical knowledge required for calibrating and servicing MRI systems.
The engineer will learn the operation and the identification of major system components to effect basic system repairs of the MRI system, as well asconcepts of advanced imaging techniques. These techniques include both image creation and image analysis. MRI image artifact recognition, image analysis, and corrective action will be emphasized. A strong emphasis will be placed on hands-on labs to support the presentation of advanced principles.

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

· Demonstrate the theory and physics principles behind MR technology
· Demonstrate proper safety and precautionary measures when servicing MRI systems
· Perform system power-up and power-down · Perform basic & advanced MRI system operation including image acquisition and image archival
· Identify major system components found in all MRI systems
· Understand system calibrations & adjustments
· Understand system operation through block diagrams and detailed service documentation
· Perform basic system repairs
· Understand magnet functionality & monitoring.
· Understand MRI subsystems such as the RF chain, the Gradient chain, the cooling system & the MRI network.
· Diagnose and correct image artifacts and system failures
· Perform all Planned Maintenance (PM) activities