Siemens Aera, Skyra MRI Family (Avanto, Espree)


Training Provider Medplan Independent Training

Modality Magnetic Resonance Imaging
OEM Equipment Philips

Course Length 10 Days
Delivery Method Class/Lab
Location Poland
Date 22.04.2024
Status To be confirmed

Attendees: Service Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians, Technical Manager


Servicing the SIEMENS Aera, Skyra & MRI Family course is an advanced MRI course centered on progressing both system knowledge and troubleshooting experience. This course teaches service engineers the advanced concepts of MRI system operations, system software (SYNGO) features, System Hardware, System Connectivity, and Service . At the conclusion of this course participants

Will be able to:
-Understand the advanced operations of SIEMENS MRIs.
-Perform Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.
-Understand SIEMENS MRI trouble shooting tools & techniques.
-Understand magnet functionality & monitoring.
-Deeper understanding of MRI subsystems such as the RF chain, the Gradient chain, the cooling system & the MRI network.
-Diagnose and correct image artifacts.
-Diagnose and correct system failures.